ASA Electronics Debuts New Stereo

A picture of ASA Electronics' Jensen JMW30 stereo face

ASA Electronics unveiled its latest RV entertainment offering, the JWM30 Mechless Wall Mount Stereo.

The latest Jensen stereo supports six speakers across three zones. Dual Bluetooth streaming enables RVers to listen to audio from two different sources at once – with audio from one device playing in Zones A/B and audio from a second device playing in Zone C.

Combined with independent volume control in Zones A/B and Zone C, the JWM30 is like having two stereos in one, ASA Electronics said.

The wall mount stereo includes an HDMI input with pass through to the rear output. The feature enables consumers to plug in devices such as a Roku or Amazon Fire TV stick and stream shows or movies without additional wiring or input changes.

The JWM30 pairs with Jensen JWM437 Surface Mount Speakers to create a sound bar aesthetic, ASA Electronics said, in virtually any entertainment system.

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