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Travel Trailers

Small Travel trailers such as an ultra lite travel trailer may weigh less than 2,000 pounds and can be pulled with a wide selection of compact vehicles. The ease of towing, combined with their relatively low purchase price, make them excellent first RVs. Facilities are very compact, but completely suitable for short-term use.

Medium-size travel trailers, such as some of those offered by Forest River travel trailer options, range in weight up to about 5,000 pounds before supplies and fluids are added, and in price from about $7,000 to about $28,000. These are the most popular travel trailers, the majority requiring some planning in selection of a tow vehicle. Many models, including the Sprinter travel trailer, are suitable for towing with properly equipped full-size cars. Most models offer a high degree of self-containment, with full bath, galley and dining facilities.
Travel Trailers

In the smaller sizes, the beds are usually convertible models — a couch or dinette by day and a double bed by night. But even the smaller models can be fitted with stationary beds and are able to handle four adults or a family with two or three children, in reasonable comfort. Slideouts expand living space considerably without adding to trailer length, and have grown in popularity.

Large travel trailers, such as a Salem travel trailer model, can range up to about 9,000 pounds and vary in price from about $13,000 to $66,000. Depending on the floorplan, these units can be suitable for large families, or for extended use by two people. Ranging in size from about 25 to 34 feet, these trailers offer a wider selection of floorplans. Don't for get that Family RV also offers many brands in toy haulers, including great Stellar toy hauler options for you to pick from.


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